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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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boat. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. >> livermore police on the hunt for very dangerous vandals who were hurling large rocks into homes. details coming up. >> we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. smooth sailing on this presidents day. it's a holiday on monday, february 20th, "today in the bay." >> good monday morning to you. happy presidents day. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. one of those stories you hate to start the day with. san jose police on the scene of a deadry crash on highway 101 and capitol expressway. >> bob redell is live at the scene with the latest. it looks like a horrific scene. >> reporter: it is. good morning to you. survivors of this accident who were not taken to the hospital, you can see them in the
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foreground there hugging each other. they are still on the scene. friends and family have also been arriving as they just watched the fire department finish the horrific task of removing the body of one of their friends, a man who had been stuck under the vehicle they had all been riding in. there were eight people, i don't know if you see the vehicle there, a chevy trail blazer, it was possibly returning from a weekend get away. none of them wearing seat belts. around 4:45 this morning, as they were exiting northbound 101, they lost control on the off ramp to eastbound capitol expressway. >> it's a combination of going too fast and a wet roadway which just the momentum of the vehicle, it carried the vehicle off of this off ramp is curved, and it carried it over and the vehicle got caught into the dirt and the brush area and started to roll over. >> reporter: so again, eight
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people were in this vehicle. three of them were ejected, one person died. that was the one, a man who was stuck under the vehicle. two other people were taken to the hospital. one with serious injuries, the other described as moderate injuries. the five other people who were able to stay in the vehicle, again no one had seat belts on, they were treated and released on the scene and they remain here getting support from we assume family and friends who have been showing up since the news has spread about this horrible accident. again, this is on the northbound 101 off ramp, to eastbound capitol expressway. this is a holiday, mike. you see any effect on the traffic? >> no. first of all the loss of the life, even one life is a tragedy. but as far as the traffic impact right there, that is not causing major slowing. look at the maps, you see 101 with a smooth flow as far as the speed sensors go at 101 and capitol expressway. the off ramp is closed.
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i hear that the on ramp may be affected, may be closed at the scene as well. so use tully to the north on yorba buena to the south. because it's a holiday there is a lighter flow of traffic. it does sound like this will be another half hour if not more till the off ramp can be reopened. we'll track that and the rest of the south bay smooth despite the slick roads. you heard the officer say lower speeds. it can be an issue. the rain could have played a factor for the construction of the bay bridge but that was cleared before that rain came through the area. now we deal with the wet roads. meteorologist christina loren you knew the rain was coming. what do you see for the rain? >> we actually had so much come through so quickly that there are areas where that rain was able to accumulate. so, this morning watch out for puddles bonding though for the past hour or so we have been trending drier. we will continue to trend dry as we head throughout day today. the sun will break through the clouds, i'll tell you when and we've got a big time warm-up
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headed our way as we head toward the middle of the week. so a lot to talk about in the weather department coming up first. i'll send it back to you and today's top stories. >> thank you. coast guard says it's still searching the waters this morning near richmond/san rafael bridge after an overnight may day call. christie smith joins us live in san rafael with the latest on the operation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. no sign at all of any missing boaters. the only thing the coast guard knows is that late last night they got two distress calls from someone who said they were a boater near the richmond/san rafael bridge. we've been here since about 4:15 and we haven't seen search boats. what i can tell you the first distress call came in before 11:00 last night. a boater claimed that his boat collided with another boat and he had four people on board. then minutes later another distress call that the boat was taking on water and the person on the other boat that he collided into had jumped into the water.
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for hours the coast guard with help with crews searched by air and boat but say they have gotten no more contact or distress calls. i asked if a boat in this situation would have some sort of emergency beacon and the coast guard is saying that even if it did, they have gotten no signal from it. that's the latest. reporting live in marin county. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:05. new this morning an oakland police officer shot a suspect overnight. it happened on 62nd avenue near international boulevard around 11:45 last night. police say it started with a traffic stop during a robbery investigation. one of the two men in the car then took off on foot. the officer started chasing him. police say that officer spotted a gun and fired. the suspect was hit but is expected to survive. no officers were injured in this. police still looking for the driver. >> 6:05 now. two young stabbing victims attacked at san jose's east ridge mall are also expected to survive.
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police arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with a saturday night attack. some stores at the mall had to be evacuated while officers searched for suspects. police questioned two teens and made the one arrest so far. they believe the fight was gang related. >> san jose police looking for the cause of a deadly crash, a 28-year-old mountain view man died when his car crashed into a light pole last night at camden near bascom. police do not think alcohol or drugs were involved. >> a california judge ordered the boy scouts to hand over thousands of confidential files that could shine light on allegations of sexual abuse. the order is a result of a civil suit brought by the family of a santa barbara boy molested by his troop leader in 2007. the suit accuses the organization of negligence and claims files were concealed -- concealing widespread sexual abuse. the case is set for trial come this april. >> people living in several livermore neighborhoods keeping a close eye or violent vandals,
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homes, cars and mail boxes on arlene way, charlotte way, feliciaway and almond avenue have been hit by large rocks. possibly from a launching device. this is a picture from surveillance video. police say it shows the suv or light colored station wagon the vandals drove in one instance. any one with information should contact livermore police. >> palo alto city hall voting tomorrow on a plan to share dispatch services with neighboring cities. the weekly reports palo alto mountain view and los altos police would purchase and maintain a dispatch system, a record management system and mobile apps for police and fire. the plan should cut costs and improve response times. the mountain view city council approved the plan last month and the los altos council will vote next week. >> a bay area city considering a way to deal with copper wire
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thieves. fremont has been hit so hard the council is considering sim my abandoning the street lights that were stripped. thieves have stolen $500,000 of wiringing in the past months. the problem is so bad some streets in fremont, the lights have no -- some streets rather, have no working lights. in spite of safety concerns, the council will discuss the idea this week of letting the lights stay dark. they will look at ways to better secure the copper in existing lights. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren in the weather center. >> good morning guys. if the you've got to get out to work this morning, we're in the boat with you. it's not too bad. you can see from this picture of the golden gate bridge, when we started the show at 4:30 this morning this entire shot you could see the sheen on the roadway. we are starting to dry out at this point but you'll find some areas where it is slick. you can see that here from this live picture of the golden gate
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bridge. you don't want to go racing out the door even with lighter volume on the roadways. mike's already been busy this morning with that weather out there. 47 degrees in sunnyvale, 50 in san mateo, and 53 degrees in san francisco. we stopped the clock at noon, a few clouds over the north bay, getting a nice break. a lot of sun over the bay and we'll clear you out throughout the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours. looking toward a nice second half of the day but temperatures will only be able to climb into the mid-50s. a lot of cold air that came through behind that cold front. as a result temperatures in the mid-50s, quite a few clouds but by tomorrow stellar sunshine, we're talking about 70s by tomorrow in some cities. and even warmer as we head to the middle of the week. let's check and see what he has now. hi, mike. >> busy despite the fact the roadways are not that bad as far as the volume of traffic. we're looking at highway 4 with an easy drive. i wanted to point out the fact
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it's presidents day holiday for a lot of businesses, state and local government offices closed. so highway 4 maintains speeds close to 60 miles per hour. and this is typically the first spot we see slowing as far as the normal traffic goes. a smooth drive down through walnut creek as well as down the east shore freeway off of the carquinez bridge. all of these folks are able to make their way to the bay bridge toll plaza which is open and we have a nice flow across the bay bridge. the curved roadway after the metering lights, you have to follow the lines and you should be fine. live look out there shows you the golden gate bridge. that slick road is there as well as in san jose, and again the chopper over the scene of a deadly accident where slick roads reportedly played a part. we follow that for capitol expressway off ramp. >> coming up on "today in the bay," rick santorum's leading mitt romney in at least one national poll. trouble could be looming.
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>> welcome back everyone. it's monday, presidents day. we have sad news to report out there. this is a live look at highway 101 and the capitol expressway. an accident, a deadly accident. one man is dead, as many as six people were injured in an accident that police are saying that somebody was driving too fast on slick roads, no seat belts. eight people in the car, nobody wearing a seat belt. one person was killed. we have bob redell live on the scene. looks like they are checking out the accident area and looks like an blanambulance to the right t. it's 6:13. >> for the first time we're getting a look at one of the
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nuclear power plants in japan that was crippled by last year's tsunami. good morning, marla. >> right now reporters are getting a rare look at that devastated fukushima nuclear power plant and we're getting the video in to see for ourselves. you can see overturned vehicles, piles of metal. this is all caused by a hydrogen blast that rocked the plant. that was almost a year ago, march 11. two months ago the government officially shut down the fukushima plant. >> in iran u.n. nuclear inspectors are in tehran talking about the country's controversial nuclear program. last week president mahmoud ahmadinejad toured the key facility that holds iran's nuclear reactor. he insists the program is for peaceful purposes only. new this morning iran is considering extending its oil embargo on france and britain to
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other european countries this as oil prices jump to a 9-month high. to the state of washington where a pro skier is counting her blessings after surviving an avalanche that killed three of her close friends. she was the only female in a group of well known skiers who ventured to an out-of-bounds area yesterday. the only thing that saved her from the rush of snow that carried her almost 2,000 feet was this, it's an air bag-like device she was wearing and she managed to deploy. she will tell her amazing story this morning on the "today" show. that's coming up at 7:00. jon. >> thank you very much. >> will be interested to hear that story. i want to check our forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. we have a little more snow to report in tahoe, not much, a dusting though. maybe up to an inch over the higher elevations. 7,000 feet plus. but for us, we had quite a bit
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of rain roll through earlier. it came through quickly. we're starting to dry out but it's still slick in spots. you want to take it easy. it's mild to start you out but we're not going to climb that much as we head throughout day. ending up in the upper 50s across the board. uniform conditions with mostly cloudy conditions at least for the first part of the day. 55 to 58 degrees. p.m. clearing. so it works out like this. by tomorrow high pressure fully in charge of our forecast bringing our forecasts up in the mid to upper 60s. take a look at this. future cast tells the story. we stop the clock tuesday at noon. by noon tomorrow we're going to be warmer than even the heat of the day today. then we continue the future cast into noon on wednesday. take a look at these readings. at noon wednesday, 70s on the temperature map in places like napa and fairfield. that's not the warmest day. thursday, tacking on an additional 3 or 4 degrees. we have a major warming trend as we head throughout the next few
6:17 am
days. starting tomorrow the kickoff is on. up to 65 degrees for tuesday, wednesday 72, really nice thursday, even cooler for your friday if you like the cooler weather. we're going to cool you down to the mid-60s in time for the weekend. a few more clouds. we'll check your drive. >> being presidents day monday a lot of schools and government and local offices have the day off so a lighter volume of traffic. that's what's keeping things moving past the scene of that deadly accident we continue to follow. bob redell is on the scene and got the word there that the accident scene working on getting the person trapped under the car and has died as a result of the accident is still there and a number of other people injured at the capitol expressway off ramp. that also closes east capitol on ramp. i think the chopper is over the scene. you see emergency vehicles. the car you see at the top on the east capitol expressway on ramp to northbound 101. the off ramp with the flashing lights and blocked by the scene as well. and the van is right there in
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the median. it did hit the the dirt and flip over a number of times from what we understand. back to the maps, the lower peninsula. the bay shore has no problems sfar as the flow. that bridge as well as the san mateo bridge saw more cars this weekend. you might see a heavier flow as folks try to avoid that. the bay bridge has reopened. 14 minutes into livermore. >> it's 6:18 now. north krorea is on high militar alert ahead of drills by south korea. the south is using mortars some 5,000 rounds of ammunition and attack helicopters near a disputed sea border. south korea says the drill is routine. the north is threatening retaliatory strike the border is crossed. this is the first drill since north korea shelled the south korean island killing three. >> rick santorum may be leading
6:19 am
the michigan poll but finds himself on the defense after controversial comments on the campaign trail. >> he's not the best guy after a while you found out things about this guy in europe and he's not so good of a guy after all. >> last night santorum seemed to compare president obama to hitler. this a day after he told a tea party rally in ohio president obama supports quote a phony theology not a theology based on the bible. santorum later backed off that saying he believes obama is a christian. president obama's campaign reacting to santorum saying he was attacking the president's faith and what's become a bitter and negative republican race. >> it is 6:19 now. it's now 50 years since the friendship seven blasted off carrying the first american into orbit. yesterday john glenn and scott carpenter marked the occasion meeting wake-up scientists who helped america even the score in the space race. glenn says it's hard to believe a half century later that the
6:20 am
u.s. is depending on russians for rides into orbit. last year nasa ended its shuttle program due to budget cuts. i know it's tough for the ast astronauts to hear. >> cool to see the photos. i like to watch that. 6:19. the occupy movement heading to prison. we'll tell you why demonstrators will be outside san quentin today. >> presidential app on this presidents day. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
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>> welcome back everyone. a good monday morning to you. happy presidents day as well. we're seeing traffic pick up just a tad on the golden gate bridge. traffic expected to be pretty light for this holiday. 6:22 right now. >> occupy protesters have a brand new target in their sights. they will be outside the east gate of san quentin prison from noon to 3:00. the occupy san quentin demonstration is part after national day in support of inmates. because of today's protest san quentin village's main street will be closed to traffic and no parking along east sir francis drake and east francisco boulevards. >> 6:23. a bay area soldier waking up at home with his family. sergeant william sanchez jr. of gilroy got a round of well deserved hugs from friends and family yesterday. he currently is stationed in afghanistan where he is serving his second tour of duty.
6:24 am
his first tour was in iraq from 2008-2009. sanchez will celebrate his 29th birthday with his family before heading back to afghanistan. >> what a great birthday gift. the the markets closed for the holiday. scott says lousy timing. >> i think the financial world would like to be in a position to better react to the situation particularly greece. the markets are closed for washington's birthday. note i didn't say presidents day. on wall street they don't recognize presidents day but recognize washington's birthday. they are traditionalists. the state of virginia calls today george washington day. the dow closed friday short of 13,000, nasdaq about breaking even, now whether or not we cross over 13-k tomorrow has a lot to do with what the european union decides to do about greece. that could come any time. bottom line is greece has not totally done everything it was supposed to do to get its latest bail-out. and now the other countries have to decide today whether to give
6:25 am
that failed nation a bail-out and they may not have a choice. some in greece say they would rather go bankrupt and remain independent. since presidents day how about a presidential app. road side america has an app that points out the presidential history. for instance, a few miles from our studios a mini mt. rushmore, and a memorial to william mckinley who visited san jose just before he was assassinated. or the spot on park avenue in san jose where crowds chased president nixon's limousine, pelting it with rocks and eggs. >> a little welcome to the bay area. >> 6:25. still to come on "today in the bay," a traffic stop turns into a police shooting in oakland. we'll have details. >> crews at the scene of a deadly accident in san jose right now. we'll tell you what they think caused this crash. >> we'll also follow the traffic
6:26 am
impact of that accident and closure, meanwhile, 880 moves to the bay bridge which opened early just in time for the rain to come in. >> showers have subsided for now. a cool presidents day and then the warm-up is on. potentially 80-degree weather later on this week. potentially 80-degree weather
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>> reporter: high speeds, a wet road and no seat belts, now one person is dead after a horrific automobile accident in the south bay. we'll take you here live coming up. >> new this morning, oakland police shoot a suspect overnight. we'll have all of the details on this coming up. >> a live look outside from the south bay this morning. many of you waking up to a nice day off, presidents day monday, february 20th, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
6:29 am
6:28 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist christina loren. a little chilly today but looks like the weather in the forecast is going to start to soar. >> you are peeling off the layers throughout the week. by thursday you might just be able to walk out the front door sans jacket. first we have to get through this cold day. we had quite a bit of shower activity earlier. right now that front is racing into the central valley. actually falling apart to the north but we still have a lot of moisture out there this morning. areas of ponding puddles, it's slick. mike has been busy this morning. any improvement? >> as that sun comes up and more cars hit the roads, the wet roads dry out. it wasn't enough to dry out before that car slid off of the road, capitol expressway off 101. though there is a light volume of traffic we have the closure and the sigalert east capitol expressway north and south, the the on and off ramps there have an issue.
6:30 am
for traffic it's the impact on the on and off ramp. there is a human factor involved as well. and of course we have our bob redell out there. >> we'll hand it off to bob right now because it is still a very active scene in san jose where the crash killed one person as mike mentioned and injured several others. a good less tune always wear that seat belt. want to check in with bob live at 101 and capitol expressway in the south bay this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: it's been very sad out here. you have survivors of that accident mixed in with family and friends who have been showing up to the scene as news has spread about this really bad accident. coming to offer them hugs and support. now that they are getting news that one of their friends who was in that car with them was killed. his body just removed in the past half hour. the coroner just took him away. this happened a little before 5:00 this morning around 4:45. there were eight people in a chevy trail blazer, chp believes that none of them had their seat belts on.
6:31 am
they were coming off northbound 101 on the off ramp to eastbound capitol expressway. the sergeant with chp tells us they believe the driver had been speeding on a wet road, when they lost control. the car got stuck 18 ditch and as a result with all of the mud there it flipped over several times. at least one person was ejected. it was a man and that was the person who died. two other people were taken to the hospital. one with serious injuries, and you have five people treated and released on the scene. everyone in the car is and was an adult. it's not clear if they were coming back from a weekend getaway of some sort. chp is looking into that. but here you have it, they are still out on the scene. the tow truck, wrecker, showed up to remove this vehicle. that means that the investigation should be finishing up here soon. and that this roadway should be
6:32 am
reopening in a short amount of time. one thing the chp did tell us is that they do not believe that alcohol was a factor at all in this deadly crash. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> new this morning a traffic stop turned into a police shooting in oakland. it happened in oakland on east 62nd avenue near international blfl aid round 11:45. police stopped a car as part after robbery investigation. the passenger in the car ran and the officer gave chase. the officer fired a shot after seeing a gun. the suspect was hit but is expected to survive. no officers were injured. police are looking for the driver of the car. >> 6:32. a teen fighting for hearsay life after a shooting. police received reports of gun shots around midnight near the intersection of east santa clara and 24th street. by the time they arrived on the scene victim had been driven to a hospital.
6:33 am
the man was shot at least once and suffered life threatening injuries. police have not identified a suspect or a motive for that shooting. >> two northern california pilots lucky to be alive after a midair collision. it happened around 7:00 last night near the municipal airport northeast of oakland. both crashed. the chopper in a field about eight miles away. the plane went down south of byron airport where it was trying to land. the two pilots suffered only minor injuries. the faa and the national transportation safety board are investigating. >> the bay bridge open ahead of schedule this morning thanks in large part to mother nature. the bridge was supposed to open -- wasn't supposed to open until tomorrow morning but because the weather cooperated the westbound direction opened at 8:00 a.m. last night -- or -- wait. 8:00 p.m. last night. crews worked around the clock.
6:34 am
they also realigned the repaved and oakland approach. >> it has you come through the metering lights you're going to be eased off to what would be your left. so go easy, the merge lanes are different but you've got the same amount of space. >> this was the final shutdown of the bay bridge until the new one opens later day weekend in 2013. >> this is pretty cool. a picture out of yosemite, something you only see a couple of weeks out of the year. that is if the weather cooperates. this is horse tail falls on the east side of el capitan. the amazing orange and yellow colors really only happen in a flash while a setting sun illuminates the water fall that it looks like molten lava flowing down the cliff face. the phenomenon was recorded in 1973 and only happens at dusk during the same two weeks every february and only lasts for a couple of minutes.
6:35 am
>> one of those cool phenomenons. >> 6:34. speaking of the weather let's go check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> you too finished you there? done? >> vacation getaway. >> i shed a little tear during that. good morning to you. it's nice out there. as we look outside from the comfort of indoors, it's cold out there, but we are clearing out nicely. and we're starting to see the sun come up over the south bay. here is a live look at some fog developing. but it won't last long. high pressure is moving in quickly as it does so offshore flow will build that breeze, push that fog out to sea. so by noon we're talking about sunshine. mostly cloudy start will make way to clearing by mid morning. presidents day cool start, becoming sunny. we're going to stay cool all day long, highs pretty much on track with our averages, upper 50s. then we come up into summer-like
6:36 am
territory. as we head through the midsection of the week. we're talking about 70s, maybe 80s in the warmest cities across the bay. that will be wednesday and thursday. so, just perspective, that might make it feel better as you look at the temperatures today. 52 degrees by noon, inland up to 54 by the bay. and we'll round out the day with 56 degrees. if you do have to get to work shouldn't be that bad on the way home. we should be dry by that point. watch out, there are puddles and ponding. mike's already been dealing with a lot even on a presidents day. what's happening now? >> you mentioned presidents day. a lighter volume of traffic. in san jose sounds like the wet road did play a factor in that accident we've been following. a deadly accident at the capitol expressway off ramp from northbound 101. the latest update i got is that the off ramp is closed but the on ramp from east capitol is reopened so that will improve flow. you can see from this map, a lighter volume of traffic
6:37 am
throughout san jose. the the northbound route showing a smooth flow. no major issues. so we'll take you north up to the bay bridge toll plaza. the smooth flow as well. there is a look crossing over into san francisco. a light volume off of the oakland side in toward san francisco. normally the bridge is open, opened early so the golden gate bridge should see a break. it was heavily used this weekend. >> no doubt. thank you. >> 6:37. still to come on "today in the bay," grateful dead fans may want to get trucking toward cleveland this spring. we'll tell you why coming up. >> a drug promising to help you lose weight. the fda has to take a long look at it first. there are some side fects. we'll have a live report from washington next. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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>> sings. >> the first new diet drug in more than 10 years goes under the microscope. a panel of doctors will look at the drug called qnexa. there is a safety risk that has some concerned. good morning. >> there is a reason for it. did you know there are almost 7 million people in california considered obese compared to the 2 million a decade ago. there is a need action spurts say for a new diet pill. the only one we have is not as
6:41 am
especktive. so qnexa is something that the fda is going to take a close are look a. two years ago they rejected the drug, concerned about heart problems, suicidal thoughts and memory lapses. the manufacturer saying they will put a plan in place so pregnant women or women likely to become pregnant won't use the drug as a weight loss pill and there will be follow-up heart studies though they may be required to do this in advance. the fda hoping to look at new evidence possibly to approve this drug for sale in the united states. it's been proven effective, patients lost 10% of their bmi, while taking this pill. is it safe enough? is it effective enough? the fda panel on wednesday will consider that after they make a decision on wednesday, the full fda will make a final decision we're told in april. that's the latest on capitol hill. >> thanks so much, tracie. >> 6:41. coming up 15 minutes of
6:42 am
uninterrupted news including the latest from the scene of a deadly crash in san jose. find out what firefighters think caused this crash next in a live report. >> people traveling over tasat prngkend we'll look as gic prices. allergy congestion? allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients.
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what's in your spread ?
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>> welcome back everyone. it's 6:44. one of those days where it's starting cold but the rest of the week we have to look forward to. you said 70s, maybe 80s this week? >> maybe 80s. i know. it's still winter. but hey, we're going to get through today first. a lot of you don't have to work today so the coolest day of the week stay indoors, enjoy what we have out there. as you head throughout the morning hours it's cold, it's going to be cold later on. by tomorrow up to 65 degrees
6:45 am
inland. so, the climb is on as you head back to work for this abbreviated work week. 46 in fairfield. 48 degrees in places like concord. as we head throughout day, it's going to be cool and cloudy. in fact, as we head throughout day right on track with our averages, in fact, a little below. but by tuesday, climbing above seasonal averages, the breeze will pick up a. clear start at the coast and nothing tells the story better than future cast. by noon up to 67 degrees in fairfield. at noon tomorrow. and this is just the beginning of the climb. we advance another 24 hours, stop the clock for you at noon on wednesday. into the 70s. 72 degrees in fairfield. 70 in san jose on wednesday. and no, that is not the warmest day of the week. that will be on thursday when temperatures climb into mid-70s and 80s in some cities. so, for today, coolest day of the week but i wanted to put it into perspective.
6:46 am
57 in morgan hill. 58 milpitas. 60 in pleasanton and 65 in san francisco. here is that climb. 72 degrees by wednesday, up to 74 thursday, then we mild out a little bit friday through the weekend. let's check your drive. >> we continue to follow this sigalert and the closure, one less closure because the on ramp northbound 101 has opened but the off ramp is closed northbound 101 at east capitol expressway. we continue to follow, the chopper arrived and the work is being done to load that overturned van. look at that thing. turned a couple of times. slick roads. they have to clear that. that should be hopefully just before 7 so this will clear. we'll look at the rest of the drive. a light volume of traffic on this presidents day. so things are moving smoothly past the dumbarton bridge. folks avoided the bay bridge.
6:47 am
the san mateo bridge saw more traffic. there may be more folks this morning. the bay bridge reopened. we should be okay. again, the bay bridge upper deck reopened. some folks plan to use alternate forms, go ahead if you planned on it. there will not be overnight service through tomorrow morning. back to you guys. >> mike showed us that tragic scene in san jose where a car overturned killing a person, ejecting several others. bob redell is live there at highway 101 and capitol expressway in san jose. it looks like they are taking away the car that rolled. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes t the chevy trail blazer that eight people had been riding in is being taken away as we speak by a wrecker to the right you can see chp, talking with some of the survivors of this accident. they are just allowed to take their luggage out of the car, leading us to believe and chp as well wondering if they were returning from a weekend getaway when this horrible accident took
6:48 am
place. they have been on the scene in the past hour, had to witness the fire department finish the horrific task of removing the body of one of their friends, a man who had been stuck under the vehicle they were riding in. there were eight people. none of them wearing seat belts according to chp. it was around 4:45 this morning they were exiting northbound 101 when the car lost control on the off ramp to eastbound capitol expressway. >> well, it's a combination of going too fast and a wet roadway which just momentum of the vehicle, it carried the vehicle off, this off ramp is kind of curved and carried it over and the vehicle got caught in the dirt and the brush area and started to roll over. >> reporter: chp does not believe alcohol was a factor. they do not believe it was involved in this accident. one person dead, a man, two
6:49 am
people taken to the hospital, chp sergeant john soto came to update us that person has major injuries, the other one is moderate injuries. there were five people who survived treated and released on the scene. we believe most of them are still down here. reporting live in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so sad out there. well, the westbound lanes of the bay bridge open this morning thanks to some pretty good weather and the team work of construction crews. christie smith live in oakland near the bridge with what drivers will now see when they cross the westbound deck. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. when drivers go through the toll plaza what they will notice is that the lanes curve to the south there just before the incline. not too dramatic but they will have to make an ajustment. with the original time table of this project, you're seeing here all of the cars, what is supposed to happen, the upper deck was to open tuesday morning but instead opened sunday
6:50 am
evening. the chp escorted the first  removing cones from all of the entrances to the bridge. the closure of course was to help realign and restripe the oakland touchdown because it's not the old bridge was in the way of the construction of the new eastern span on the oakland side. a key part of this was the lane restriping, the paint. fortunately, the weather cooperated, rain held off long enough to get the job done early. reporting live near the bay bridge, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> new this morning oakland police investigating another officer-involved shooting. it happened on 67th avenue near international boulevard just before midnight. officers pulled over a car during a robbery investigation, that is when reportedly a passenger took off running. as an officer chased the man police say he spotted a gun and fired. the suspect was hit but is expected to survive. no officers were injured and the driver got away. >> this morning two shops are
6:51 am
destroyed after flames swept through a building in san jose. the fire destroyed a max muscle supplement store and a tattoo parlor on blossom hill road near almaden expressway. firefighters managed to get the upper hand about 45 minutes later so. far no reports of injuries. >> a very scary scene in some livermore neighborhoods, what people are calling a stunt. police say several homes and cars on arlene, charlotte and felicia ways and almond avenue were hit by rocks, possibly fired from a launching device. police think the suspect are driving a suv or light colored station wagon. this is a picture from a surveillance camera. anybody with information on the vandalism should contact livermore police. >> new video in to the newsroom oust iran shows a dramatic rescue by a tv crew that happened to be in the right place at the right time. marla tellez is in our newsroom with a few developing stories.
6:52 am
good morning. >> good morning. you got to see this. the pictures are pretty compelling. you can see men jumping from a ship that has caught fire, swimming for their lives. this is off the coast in iran. they are swimming toward an iranian film crew that happened to be nearby shooting a documentary when they came across the ship on fire. officials say it took almost two hours to put out the the flames. no word on injuries ores deaths. >> it is an historic day in libya today where a city at the center of libya's uprising is getting its first taste of democracy. residents heading to the polls for the first time since moammar gadhafi was ousted from power. they are casting their vote for local officials. >> now to vatican city. pope benedict got a cheerful welcome by 22 new cardinals. the cardinals run key vatican departments that help set policy. among the most prominent, new york's archbishop timothy dolan.
6:53 am
dolan is already being touted as a possible future candidate to become the first american pope. jon. >> thank you very much. it's 6:52. the "today" show is next. savannah guthrie showing us what they are working on. >> jon and laura, good morning. on "today" three skiers killed in an avalanche near a popular resort in washington state. a fourth woman who was also swept away managed to survive and we'll talk to her. also ahead, jury deliberations set to begin at the trial of a former university of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. we'll have the latest on that case. plus, whitney houston laid to rest a day after an emotional memorial featuring many of the singer's famous friends. this morning we'll talk to houston's god mother. we'll have those stories and it's presidents day, that means big sales. where you can find the best deals when we get started on a monday morning here on "today." jon and laura, back to you.
6:54 am
>> thank you very much. all of you dead heads out there, you may want to make a trip to cleveland. why? rock 'n roll hall of fame and museum is going to open a museum on april 12. during the induction week, the dead joining a short list of acts to be honored with the big exhibit. others include u 2, the doors and the supremes. >> what about jeremy lin, he is going to hang out with old friends today. lin apparently cut out time to meet with palo alto coach and some of his old teammates. they traveled to new york to see the hometown boy play. lin certainly did not disappoint against the defending champs. the dallas mavericks, he scored 28 points. tacked on four rebounds and 14 assists. the knicks won it 104-97. after the game the coach pratzed lin saying he is playing at a whole new level. >> he's just doing incredibly well. i mean, incredibly well.
6:55 am
he just seems so much more himself, you know. like he's just smiling more, he's happier than he's been. he was always kind of a stoic player in high school and college, now i've never seen him smile so much. >> he's blossomed that young man. he has blossomed. the knicks, they won eight of the last nine game since inserting lin in the starting lineup. they play the new jersey nets tonight. >> the guy is a one-man wrecking crew. more smiles down in the sun desert. giants catcher buster posey is back in action, he practiced with the team yesterday. it was the first time since being injured in a home plate collision in may. posey and lincecum and matt cane to the cheers. his return has been a long time coming. >> i think some time probably in january i kind of got past a certain point where it was like i was -- i felt ready, you know. i was glad to have that feeling because i think that it took my
6:56 am
ankle feeling, getting to a certain point and feeling good to be ready to get back out and do this stuff. >> getting ready to do this stuff. the manager bruce bochy is telling posey right now take it easy, slow down. we want to avoid blocking at the plate. meantime, bad news for pitcher ryan vogelsong, he is not pitching after straining his back. he says it will be seven to ten days before he can pick up a baseball. >> if you are traveling over the long weekend you probably noticed gas prices. scott mcgrew joins us with more. >> gas prices going to the positive and much higher. lots of people out there enjoying the long weekend. if you are on the road you're seeing the highest price for gas this time of year ever. a number of factors including unrest in the middle east are to blame. higher energy price could put a damper on economic recovery. this is the time of year when normally gas prices begin to rise to the spring and summer
6:57 am
levels so it could get far worse as far as wall street goes they are closed for the presidential holiday, back open tomorrow. we could see the dow cross 13,000. back to you. >> we'll watch. thank you. >> one of the oldest living survivors of san francisco's massive 1906 earthquake has unfortunately died at the age of 109. rose passed away at a residential care facility in santa rosa. she was three years old when the 7.9 magnitude quake struck. more than 1,000 people died and 28,000 buildings destroyed by the quake. and fire that followed. rose says her family climbed to the top of a hill and watched the entire city burn. a ceremony honoring rose has held yesterday. >> a bay area man who served america during world war ii while his family was in prison will receive the highest honor today. u.s. congressman mike honda will
6:58 am
accept the congressional gold medal on behalf of his father buy ron honda. the elder honda was part of a military intelligence service in world war ii. while he served his wife and children were imprisoned in the internment camp. the award a day after the 70th anniversary of the order to send more than 100,000 japanese and japanese americans into internment camps. members of the japanese community gathered to remember that dark period in history. at the sun dance cinema attendees honored gordon who defied the order and was a life long advocate for civil rights. community members say yesterday's event was to make sure that americans do not forget what happened to japanese americans during world war ii. >> it is 6:58. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out about your presidents day forecast. >> we've got good news if you are getting ready to walk out the front door.
6:59 am
the golden gate bridge shot, for instance, shows you that we are drying out very nicely. we had a lot of moisture on the shot earlier. and that is the trend over the greater bay area. showers are subsiding. it's mostly cloudy as a result of the sunshine, temperatures only ending up in the mid to upper 50s across the greater bay area. and we'll continue to clear out. but the warm weather, boy, do we have that in store for you starting tomorrow. we peak on thursday. some cities will hit the 80s. i'm forecasting 74 degrees inland. so break out that summer gear, mike, although you won't be able to use it until midweek. >> we'll plan ahead. looking to the south bay, lighter volume of traffic but we had wet roads that cleared up. we're following this deadly accident still clearing from the roadway. let's get our live shots. getting out of the way you see them moving the cones. looks like the truck has been loaded up. thatal


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